Hi guys my name's Eunina or Nina whichever you choose to call me I'm 16 I only started ballet a year ago my goal for the moment to get to the right weight for ballet cause I'm not really what you'd call thin and to get on pointe.Basically I wanna be a ballerina,yes it's late but I'm too in love with it to let go I pull all my strength from my family and God and last but not the least my favourite band if you wanna know more about them and me you can check out my personal blog hehe it's in the links :)If not enjoy this one.This shall be the blog where I post everything ballet and a little of my personal life meaning weight loss and such things..Ask me things if you want!et je parle francais aussi! P.S. i CAN'T follow anyone back on here I'm sorry.

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A wannabe ballerina.
"Believe in you, believe in life, believe in tomorrow, believe in everything you do, everytime."—Bill Kaulitz